Sunday, 18 January 2015

Winter 2015

Apologies folks, we have been remiss. we have started a Facebook page - The State of Gracie. 
Christmas & New Year spent in Whaley Bridge and it snowed Boxing Day. 

Due to The Peak Forest Canal being closed to a lift-bridge being broken; we have been moored in Furness Vale waiting for it to reopen since. It finally snowed properly today and we took the boys to the Torrs in New Mills, a fabulous Labrador heaven.
Both our cats died
over the Christmas period; Roddy on the 12th December and Joseph on the 2nd January. we had them 15 years; the dogs lay with them both as they died in front of the fire. There will be a little area of the Peak Forest Canal that will be the cats playground. Run Free both of you
Happy 2015 to everyone