Friday, 28 February 2014

Life Onboard

Had to get my phone mended as it stopped charging and wouldn't turn on. So, no phone for three weeks - well, not strictly speaking, as I bought a basic one. Anyway, they phoned to say it was ready to collect and when I went to collect it, they had replaced it with a new one. So, have spent the last two days getting apps back (including this one!). Well impressed with SONY as the play store remembered what I had previously downloaded, so haven't had to search.

What a funny day - we were supposed to be cruising down to New Mills this morning; but Gracie had other ideas and decided she wasn't going to start! So I went and did the shopping - bones for puppy dogs was the top of the list. We had heard about a marine  electrician based in Marple - retired; so,Chris said he'd go and find him - i got back and he had finished emptying the bilge and said he'd have one last go at starting the engine and Gracie decided she would start!

Then off to find the electrician - lovely man - but can't walk far; so back to Gracie; wind and up to Marple to empty rubbish & get water. He arrived; checked wiring; fixed the horn and will,bring,a meter tomorrow to check the batteries and is replacing 2 fuses that have blown.

I am off to buy a bicycle tomorrow. This should enable us to moor a little easier, particularly in the summer and will keep fitness levels up. Both Chris and I have lost weight (a good thing) and for me I am back (virtually) to where I was when we got married six years ago (anniversary 14 March and 7th month of living Onboard NB Gracie) ;-)

We do so love this life - not saying it is easy - changing Elsan cassettes; getting drinking water falls mainly on Chris's shoulders as I am at work Monday through Thursday; but the dogs get lots of walks (and swims) and his health has improved as well as fitness levels.
So all in all the main lesson we learnt today was that Nb Gracie knows best - but also that you meet the nicest people living this life!

Friday, 21 February 2014

2014 - Hurricanes and Engines

Here we are eight weeks into 2014 and it has been somewhat of a learning curve again. The cratch cover is worth its weight in gold as it has rained, at some point, every day since the first of January. We have had a virus, which ended up with both of us having a severe chest infection and resulted in us having 1000mg of penicillin a day for a week to shift it. It also meant we were three weeks in Marple, as we were too weak to steer the boat. 

We moved, once we could to Hawke Green and we experienced our first Storm Force Winds aboard Gracie - interesting though, that when we came to move, the wind had pushed silt and mud against the bow - just as well boats are up and down the canal or you'd never get through. But when winding Gracie had an altercation with a tree and so we have a hole in the bow window (currently mended with gaffer tape) until weather is fit to get it repaired. 

We have had fun with NB Gracie, we ran out of diesel and so had to bleed the engine. Upon opening the cover we discovered the bilge full of water owing to a small washer, which had perished. Now she is sound and dry, but it would seem every cloud has a silver lining and missing the coal boat (the excellent NB Alton, run by Brian and Ann Marie McGuigan, was that blessing in disguise, as left she would have sunk!

Also, need the electrics sorting as the Bilge pump isn't working and bizarrely, the horn. We think that the wires have shorted due to the water coming in and so are in the process of getting an electrician to come and look (Don't mess with electric.)

I am getting a bicycle, so beware on the tow-paths, cyclist will be coming through! I aim ito cycle to New Mills and get the bus to and from work. In the summer, aiming to cycle to work if I can (and get rid of this tummy!) - the hills may defeat me!

Oh and now,just in case we forgot - it's raining again!

But her is a photo of me and Ann Marie gunwale dancing at Christmas.