Sunday, 17 November 2013

Three Month Anniversary

Yesterday marked three months since we moved aboard Gracie - it seems much longer in some ways and in others a short time. We have learnt a lot and are now moving into late autumn - we haven't experienced a true frost yet, although there was one when we moored in Furness Vale on the Peak Forest canal.

Originally, we had planned on a marina life but this felt too much like a horizontal towerblock and they didn't like dogs - moral of story - if you have a dog don't moor at Macclesfield Marina (next to Hovis Mill). 

We have had an invertor fitted to generate 240 volt electricity and if you want work done; we can certainly recommend that marina. We will get solar panels fitted early next year; which will mean we don't have to run the engine when we run the washing machine (finally purchased last week - a twin tub). We have had a cratch cover out on the bow and a dodger and tonneau on the stern; which gives us a dining room/porch and a storage area when not cruising. 

We get coal, diesel and pretty much everything else from the coal boat, NB Alton, fortnightly and although during the winter we will use a lot of coal; next summer we hope to be able to get some wood and this will save that cost. We have to get Gracie blacked and get a licence. We are joining the association of Continuous Cruisers as well as the National Boat Owners Association. 

We are now meeting other liveaboards that live on these canals; old travellers - canals now being the only place left you can legally travel and stop for 14 days before moving on. Some are, like us, relatively new to canal life; but others have lived and worked on here for years. The canals are pretty empty now and peaceful - it is the start of the long winter nights and we are going to enjoy our first winter aboard.

It should be interesting over the coming weeks as it appears we might experience our first ice and snow - bring it on! 

As we are moored in Marple; I took a walk up to Marple Ridge today - what a lovely view - if you get a chance - walk up to the church from the Brick Bridge just past Marple Marina and walk the Apprentices Walk through and up to the church

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Bonfire Night

Here we are between Halloween and Guy Fawkes. - All Saint's Day seems to pass people by and the weather is truly autumnal. Took the dogs shopping today ; there are lovely local shops in Whaley Bridge and their favourite has to be Wild's Butchers- they sit nicely outside because they know there'll be bones and they'll get a treat - today a sheep heart between them and a huge bone each to take home! Got dome lovely steak for braising which is on the stove marinating for dinner tomorrow.
Now; it's blowing a gale with rain and we're toasty warm with the cratch cover and stove!
Bought a pair of sheepskin boots each from the tannery in Pandora, Napier; New Zealand - brilliant for on the boat . We are getting there slowly!_