Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter on the cut

It's been about a month since I posted this blog and quite a bit has happened, since the last post. The wrist turned out to be a suspected scaphoid fracture (tiny bone on the inside of the wrist). So, signed off work til Easter and back to the Orthopaedic Outpatients for a check up on the 7th April. They were reasonably confident that although it wasn't broken, I had sprained it, torn tendons and damaged ligaments and advised me to stay off work until the next time they saw me and to have some physio in the meantime. So, back to hospital on the 29th April and signed off until May 1st, as I have holiday booked from 1st-28th May. So, I have been relaxing,  taking dogs out and generally pottering about. We are currently moored about a mile outside Marple,  very quiet and in a shady spot, good for keeping the boat cool in the sun, although there have been cool winds. 
We moved down here from Whaley Bridge a fortnight ago. The dogs have enjoyed the move although we have to watch them in Whaley Bridge,  Simba, in particular tends to wander round the picnic tables (middle name is Yogi Bear) and one day they got themselves completely lost when I was walking to Furness Vale to change the stop cord for a longer one and ended up on the bypass. Fortunately,  they have tags on with Boat name and Chris's mobile number and someone grabbed them and phoned. The same thing happened in Marple - sure sign we need to move on! 

We have a Boat Safety Survey to organise before 10th May, so will phone round on Tuesday to book someone and eldest arrives in less than a fortnight from New Zealand,  so once Easter is over,  we will be moving down the Macclesfield Canal towards Congleton ti be there for the 2nd May and then on round to Nantwich for the 7th May, when she joins us for our cruise down the Llangollen Canal.
I have to say, having this time off work has allowed me finally get rid of the virus that has haunted me since last November and we have also realised how much weight we have lost, both as a result of the flu, but also a complete change of diet (and correspondingly smaller portions). We tend to only have meat once or twice a week and therefore are eating more fresh vegetables and lentils, pulses etc. One of our favourite meals is baked potato done in the ash can and sautéed onions, garlic, sweet peppers and whatever other veg we have; delicious!  We find shop made dishes both very salty and sugary, actually quite a shock the other day when we had pizza and garlic bread and were still hungry afterwards. I reckon this shows that a ready meal diet is designed to make you eat more, not less!
So a cruise to look forward to - have a lovely Easter, wherever you are and whoever you are with.