Friday, 25 October 2013

Living in the State of Gracie

We enter our third week of official continuous Cruising; having spent a lovely week in Whaley Bridge and continuing our  theme of shopping locally where we can; found the most fabulous butchers and pet shop. We notice that people are more relaxed out of the cities - do they have more time?  I don't think so; they just use it in a different way - we are so lucky to be living this life, it is so much more gentle - canal time!

Friday, 18 October 2013

The New Cratch Cover

We have finally had the Cratch Cover; Dodger & tonneau fitted - We knew it would make a difference, but had no idea how much until yesterday. Cover-It fitted it and also built a drop-down table, so we can use the well as a small dining room & sitting area. The window is immense & provides a stunning view out through the bow; but it is the tonneau that has caused us the most excitement! We now have a tent on the stern and so a huge storage area, sheltered from the elements,

Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Cratch Cover

This week they are coming to fit the cover/board/Dodger & tonneau in stone - cannot wait as we will finally have cover on the bow & a cover for the stern. We're travelling pinto Whaley Bridge so Chris can move Gracie to Bugsworth Basin on Wednesday so they can get close with the van - it'll be nice to be able to have our meals at a proper table again as they are also fitting a drop down table to the cratch board.

Continuously Cruising

We have decided to give notice at Macclesfield Canal Centre and continuously cruise - this is comparatively easy to do around here & still enable me to go to work four days a week,  we came up to Marple on Friday and decided that we won't be returning to Macclesfield any time soon - moral of story - listen to  Chris's inner voice and buy a PO Box number. We are currently moored on the Peak Forest Canal just down from Marple Canal Basin